Monday, February 16, 2009

First blog in a LONG TIME

So last night I had a random urge to create a blog for myself.   I don't know exactly what I'm going to write in the coming posts, but I felt like I wanted to have a place where I can write down my random thoughts.   I tend to have lots of them!

Hm....I guess I should begin my first blog post with a short synopsis of my life till today.  I'm 20 years old (i'll be 21 June 1st!).   I grew up in Yorba Linda, CA.  I have two parents (still married) and 1 older brother.  My family is VERY close and I love it.   My dad is the best!  He has worked so hard to allow my family to live very comfortably.   I think my dad and I are very  much a like in so many ways.  I love how I can joke with him so much....we both have an amazing sense of humor.   My mom is the sweetest lady ever.  She puts sprinkles on brownies and stickers on everything.  I hope to be as good of mother.....she's definitely created a model to look up to.  One random family fact - I have a weekend ritual of going to costco with my parents so we can eat lunch and have free samples!  With college, it's a bit hard to do it every weekend but this Sunday my parents visited me so it was possible!    They always lend me support when I need it, along with guidance.   Good job mom and dad!  You've definitely raised me well.  If you're reading this, which i KNOW you are sometime soon,  I love you!

My brother, David, is 24.  He is an amazing big brother and he is so smart.  I really value what he has to say about things and I'm so happy to be able to have a brother I can talk to.   It's nice that we're at the age where we can easily hang out and do similar things.   This last Halloween I went to a party with him and his friends.  Fun times indeed :) Slightly random, but I can't wait till i turn 21 and I can legally have a drink with him at a restaurant.  It will be even more funt times...especially when it's with the whole family!  Love you David!  

I have a cat named Emily.    Our family just lost our long haired chihuahua Chico.  He was an amazing pet!  I will try to post a picture of him....I still need to figure out to do that...   

I have a best friend from first grade...Hillary Feeney.    She goes to Chico State up north and although we don't talk nearly as much as we'd like, whenever we are together it feels like we never left each other for school.   I feel so blessed to a wonderful friend who has stuck with me for the past 14 years....  wow that makes me feel old!    


School-wise, I'm attending UC Irvine and I'm a 3rd year already.  Time seriously flys by so much faster in college compared to high school.   I can't believe that next year is my last year.   I'm definitely trying to live up every moment here.   Irvine is definitely a nice place to go to school.   We are right next to the beach (which i never visit of course)  and we are surrounded by Fashion Island, Irvine Spectrum, and South Coast Plaza.  Great places for a girl who loves to go trying on clothes for fun when she's bored  (*cough* myself *cough*)

I'm in a sorority - Gamma Phi Beta.   I knew I wanted to join a sorority when I was a senior in high school and I went to a musical show that was put on by the UC irvine Greek Community.  Hillary's older sister, Shannon (who is in Alpha Phi at UCI), invited me to come see because I LOVE to dance/sing/perform.   My dream was to be in that show one day.   MY DREAM CAME TRUE....TWICE!   I've performed on behalf of my sorority the past two years.   This year I chose not to participate because I'm really trying to focus on what I'm doing after college.   I've met really great girls through Gamma Phi Beta and I'm so happy to call them my sisters....Lauren Landre, Sonia Randhawa (my big sis), Jana Schrieber, my little sisses Nicole and Erica (so many more - I can't name every single one...) I know that I will be in touch with a handful of them WAY after I graduate.   

Relationship-wise, I do have a boyfriend.  His name is Michael Rea.  He's the handsome boy in my picture up top :)  We started going out November 23, 2008.   He asked me out the night of his formal for his fraternity.  Such a gentleman he is, truly.  I had met him my first year....but I don't remember how.  We don't really know how we became facebook friends.  Last year I talked with him on the shuttle back to our houses from campus.  We both had classes that got out at the same time.  Never really thought that we'd be going out now....but i DID know that he a very nice person and I would look at his facebook from time to time to see what he was up too.  Not creepy at all....    Then I started going to Rock Harbor Church this past September with one of my sorority sisters.   Michael also attends Rock Harbor and we started going together.  We also became a part of the same campus church group.   We started hanging out a lot more....and here we are today!  I could go on about how great he is...but I'm sure he'll come in future posts and you'll begin to see what I mean :)
                                   This is on the bus to the venue for his forma...before he asked me out!
I mentioned earlier that I go to Rock Harbor (RH) Church.   I was raised in a Catholic family...I went to Sunday school as a child and I took classes for my first communion.   My family goes to church mainly on holidays and whenever we really feel like going.   I decided to go to RH last September really randomly....I didn't really have anyone pressuring me to go.   I had friends talk a lot about it and I was wanting to try new things this year.  I went one Sunday night and I've been every Sunday since then.    The people who I've met at RH are amazing and they have brought so much to my UCI college experience.   Never did I think last year that I would be so involved in church.  I believe that it was God's doing when I decided to go to RH for the first time.   Since then, things just seem to be falling into place.   I'm sure that God has a plan for me and I'm on a journey to see what His plan is.  I find peace knowing that whatever happens is a part of His plan and I'm determined to work hard at any challenge comes my way.   A BIG thank you to God, my boyfriend, and RH friends for helping me grow stronger in my faith.  I love you all!           
I am just so content with where I am right now.   I'm not so stressed out about what I'm doing with my life or how I'm doing in school.  Within the past year, I've learned so much about myself and what is truly important in life.   My first two year of college were all about figuring out these things - I definitely had my fair share of ups and downs.  Things are going very smoothly now and I'm so grateful.  

So that was a pretty intense first blog :)   I need to start studying or something....and Mike is coming to visit me for a lil while! 

 P.S.  I had a mean chicken quesadilla with guacamole from Baja Fresh and cheesecake from the factory today.  I'm fully satisfied :)

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