Friday, October 2, 2009

The start of my last Fall Quarter of college

I can't believe how different this quarter is compared to all 3 years of college.  I finally feel like I have more to do in Irvine, other than be a student.   The first week of school has been pretty busy with school, work, internship, and recruitment.   I've never had so much to do - but I really love everything that I'm doing.

My classes this quarter don't seem to bad - luckily!   I'm a senior....this is how things should be.  I'm really trying not to stress out about classes this year - just as I did last year.   I tend to do well when I don't stress.    My new way of thinking is, if I love what I'm doing right now, then that's all that matter :)   

Here is a picture of my life at the moment -

Of course I have school...only taking three classes though!   Sports Psych, Adolescent Development, and Management Science.   I have 8am classes Monday through Thursday, which sounds scary.  But I'm really handling it well :)    I love being able to be out of class pretty early.   
As for my internship, I started interning for the Development Department at Pretend City Children's Museum in Irvine.   This museum, if you've never heard of it, is definitely a site to see.  If you have children, I highly recommend you take your children at least once.   What is it? Basically, it's a city for children!   Children are able to take part in real life responsibilities like working in a doctor's office, being a fireman, being a farmer, working in a grocery store.   I have so much fun just seeing the children play and imagine in this museum.   It's great because the children come with grown ups - either their parents or other caretakers.  Everyone is required to pretend and have fun!   Who wouldn't love to just stop and take time to play? I'm definitely planning to become a member of the museum with my future children.  Anyways, I absolutely love my internship.  I'm learning so much about what goes on in the areas of Public Relations and Development for non-profit organizations.   Everyone I work with is so nice as well.  I feel so lucky to work in such a warm and fun environment :)   

As for work, I just began this Monday! I'm working for the event's and programs department for the UCI Alumni Association.  Again, the people I'm working with are so fun and nice.   I love going to work after class at 8am.  

It's such a different feeling having work on top of school - especially work that relates to what I want to do in the future.    I really hope I can find a job after I graduate that is similar to what I'm doing for Pretend City and the Alumni Association.  I love seeing what goes into the  coordination of events and programs for organizations.    Everyone that I've met that does work in that area are so bubbly and energetic - yet they are very conscious of organization, time constraints, and details.   That's so me!   

I'm so happy I've finally found something that I enjoy to do - hopefully I can find a job doing what I like.   Right now, I have a feeling I'll have to apply for any time of job when I graduate.   That's totally fine for me though.  I'd be happy with a clerical job for a while - something that gives me money and health insurance basically.      But now I have aspirations and goals!

Life is going by super quickly - and I know it's not going to stop.  I'm really trying to slow down when I can and just relax.   My family is doing great, and I miss not being able to go home to see them as much as before.  They are so understanding of how busy I am, and I'm so happy to have such supportive parents that really encourage me to do what I love to do.  While they would love me to come home whenever I can, they understand that right now it's not too easy.   Michael is being a great boyfriend too!  We are both super busy and we don't see each other as much nearly as much as we used to.   It was this time last year when we started seeing each precious I know hehehe   I just admire all the hard work he's doing in school and outside of school.    Yes... you could say I'm a proud girlfriend.    I'd say nothing less :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So my 3rd year of college is over!  And I just had an interview for an Event and Programs Assistant position with the UCI Alumni Association....  and I'm crossing my fingers that I get it.  It would be such great experience in the area of event management and planning.....and lots of fun!   I feel like the interview went really we shall see!  Whatever happens, happens.... right? 

This year went by so fast it's ridiculous.  But it's definitely been the best year for me at UCI thus far.  I'm hoping next year will be even better, if that's even possible. Anyways,  I should be packing up stuff right now, but there's just way too much of it and it scares me just thinking about moving it all into my parent's car tomorrow.  

This weekend is going to be CRAZY.  Tomorrow my parents are taking most of my stuff home, then at night I'm going to David's band performance in Costa Mesa, on Saturday I'm supposed to check out of my room, Saturday night I'm going to Breesa's Grad party (so I have to decide if I'm going home in the  morning and coming BACK to Irvine at night), and then Sunday (early) I'm going to meet up with Michael and we're going to go visit his sister Christine in Valley Center!  She's going to have a baby girl and she's due in August.... I can't wait to meet her!  I also love visiting Valley Center.  Valley Center is in San Diego County and it's SO SO different from Yorba Linda.  I feel like in a completely different state when I'm feels very country to me (i hope that doesn't offend anyone.....) .  i think that's why I love it so much!  I absolutely love the feeling of the slower me crazy ;)

This summer is going to be good. I can feel it :)  I don't really have many set plans yet besides Miami in a few weeks with the fam and summer school, but have a feeling I'm going to keep myself pretty busy.  I'm hoping to volunteer/intern at the CHOC Foundation a few hours a week, so hopefully that happens.  Patrice, the Director of Special Events/Corporate Relations of the CHOC Foundation, has been such a big help in trying to find me work with her.   I'm so happy that I met her though my management class this past Fall Quarter - definitely best class ever.  I learned so much about what I want to do with my life in that one class.  Doctor Terry Schmidt (the teacher) should really be recognized for making the class one of the most interesting classes at UCI.  I'm happy I was the 1 student out of a total of 22 that could take the class this year! what are my plans for the next 2 months?
  • Clean my room
  • Get rid of all the things I don't use anymore (it's way too much stuff)
  • Bake in my new cupcake apron that my little sis Erica made me
  • Have a successful garage sale with cupcakes and coffee.  It'll be the nicest garage sale ever.
  • Volunteer with the CHOC Foundation
  • Paint my room
  • Give my room an extreme makeover.
  • Go running every day (I will not accept any weight gain this summer)
  • Possible Vegas trip?  yay for being 21!
  • Find a part time job.... who wants to hire someone for 2 months?  
  • Hang out with my girls.
  • Spend time with Michael (despite the fact that I'm not living in irvine for the summer...only downside)
  • Tan at the East Lake pool.  Not too much tho.  I say no to melaNOma.
  • Read.
  • Continue to go to Rock Harbor every Sunday (9am ... right Michael??)
  • Be crafty.
  • Brainstorm stay-at-home businesses that I could start up when all grown up..cuz I still consider myself a child. 

  • BLOG frequently.
  • Go to a few dance classes.
  • Continue line dancing.....get Michael to come with me, so he can be my two-step partner :)
  • Try out pilates/yoga
  • Find out ways to get closer to my event coordination dream :)
  • Oh...did I mention bake?
Here is a little recap of what I've been up to the past year:
I got a new little sis in Gamma Phi Beta!
The Big sis (ME!) and both of my amazing Little Sisses! 
The entire Muppet Family eating dinner at CPK! We got a free birthday surprise because I made a joke that it was my Big Sis' birthday and the waiter thought I was telling the truth.

Found the most amazing boy ever.....
This picture was taken the night he asked me out!
Masquerade 11/23/09

This picture was taken exactly 6 months after!
Vegas Formal 2009   5/23/09
Found a wonderful church community at Rock Harbor!

Chico (the family long haired chihuahua) passed away :(
He absolutely loved being a jokester.

We miss him dearly!! xoxoxox
I planned a pretty large event for my sorority - Parent's Day!
So many parents!
Just packing all the parents inside our happy home!
The Gamma Phi Beta information table .... designed by myself. of course :)
Toby and Dozer entered the Toyos Family household....

Mom, Dad, David, and I went to Coachella

Went to Vegas!

Turned 21!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coffee Stain Crisis....the fight to save my new shirt :)

Tonight Mike and I had a very unexpected experience...   We had just eaten at Pei Wei with Life Group and we had picked up coffee on our way back to his place.  I was going to study some more for finals...    In the car, I'm carrying both cups of coffee.  They were both full.   The top of one of the cups pops off and spills all over me.  First, thing I thought was OMG MY NEW WHITE SHIRT!!!   JUST MY LUCK!    I'm trying to stay calm...and Mike is driving.   The coffee is also super hot and I'm wearing jean shorts, so I'm hoping not much more would spill.   I would ask Mike to hold one of the cups, but because he drives stick shift he didn't really have a hand available until a few moments later at a red light.  

I finally get the opened cup closed and all I can think about it how bad my shirt looks and how it must be stained.   Ok...just FYI....I feel like this type of thing happens to me all the time.  I always spill something on a shirt that I actually invested more money in than other shirts.....    

Finally, Mike pulls into his parking spot and we get out of the car.  He told me he had this stain remover in his prepared is my boyfriend :)   I take a look at my shirt and omg it was horrible.  I was too embarrassed to even show Mike because I thought it looked THAT bad.   He saw it and said "wow". was more coffee than he thought.    The stain remover wasn't really going to work on ALL the coffee that was on my white we figured we would wash it at his apartment.   

We get to his apartment and all I can think is that the money I spent on my shirt is wasted....   stupid coffee.    As soon as I get in, I type "how to remove coffee stains" in Google.   Mike is getting his Spray and Wash to use on my shirt.  And he was looking for a cool shirt that I could wear....isn't he amazing???  He got me one of his fraternity recruitment shirts (now i'm a walking advertisement! haha)  So I start the mission in the bathroom sink with the Spray and Wash and my shirt.   Mike and I were both making sure my shirt would survive.   We both sprayed the stains.....we waited patiently for it to soak...and examined the shirt for any stains.. and I hand washed my shirt.  The stains looked like they came out!!  Success.  Then we had to get a third opinion from another girl that was we did.   Then we hung my shirt up!   

All I can say is how happy I am to have such an amazing boyfriend.  What boyfriend seriously helps their girlfriend clean coffee stains out of her shirt and actually has the supplies to do the job?    I couldn't think of any.....Only Mike!  He even carried my damp shirt to my car when I left.   

While this "crisis" may seem super silly to some, I think this is a funny time with Mike I'll never forget.   After the shirt was washed and hanging...all we could do was laugh about the situation.   At the moment, we were so focused on getting the stain out!  We're such a great team haha 

Thank you boyfriend!!! <3 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

my day at panera bread...

First off, I love Panera.   They have the best coffee and they have free wireless internet.  It's very cozy and I can just concentrate really well on homework whenever I go there.   I've made it a wednesday morning tradition to go :)   It's my incentive to wake up at 7am to get there by 8am.  I stayed there for a total of 5 hours today...I basically finished my Lifespan development paper due tomorrow and I finished writing up my page of notes for my Managing Organizational Behavior final tonight.     win!

Funny thing happened while I was there though.   Keep in mind that this Panera is located in Newport Beach...      I'm studying at my table and it's pretty busy because it's lunch time.  Soon three young ladies with their little children (one 1 yr old...and two 2 yr old boys) are finding themselves a seat in the middle of everyone.   The two 2 yr old boys are completely all over the place and the mothers aren't even paying attention.   I know that children need to be given the opportunity to explore under supervision, but these children were a little bit out of control.  First it was cute because they would go to people's table to say hi.   Then the mothers set the two boys at their own table...    these two children were already squirmy enough, how can one think that they can sit at a table by themselves?   

The  mothers are talking at their table and the boys at their table start crying LOUD.  and then they find the salt and paper shakers and basically spill it ALL over the table.   I saw the salt shaker completely fly off of the table and the top came off.   The boys were using the number holder to spread the spilled salt and pepper all around the table.   Oh ...and they're screaming and crying.  I'm trying not to stare...but I look at the mothers and they're just talking and slightly glancing at their children.    I heard them say "no" once.   And it's like they gave up and just let the children do their thing as they socialized.   

So many people take their lunch breaks at this Panera and these children were completely disruptive.  I don't blame the children at all (they're 2 yrs old), because I don't think they knew any better.   There was no one telling them that they were being disruptive.  I had a feeling that they have never been taught how to behave in a public environment.   Right now I'm taking a Lifespan Development class and we are learning all about how the environment has a huge effect on one's behavior later in life.    I have no doubt in my mind that these mother's absolutely adore their children, but from the way they were acting, it looked as though they had no idea on how to control their children.   It looked like they didn't even care how they were acting.   

If those were my children (which they never would be, because if my children were that disruptive we would never go to any public food place), I would have NOT placed them at their own table.   I would have left.   I would have had some concern for the other customers in Panera.   I saw people that were doing actual work...and I'm sure they were very distracted by crying and screams at the table next to them.  And then to see that there was no one there trying to stop them....well that made it even more maddening.   Um....hello?!   

That is NOT ok in my mind.   

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

First blog in a LONG TIME

So last night I had a random urge to create a blog for myself.   I don't know exactly what I'm going to write in the coming posts, but I felt like I wanted to have a place where I can write down my random thoughts.   I tend to have lots of them!

Hm....I guess I should begin my first blog post with a short synopsis of my life till today.  I'm 20 years old (i'll be 21 June 1st!).   I grew up in Yorba Linda, CA.  I have two parents (still married) and 1 older brother.  My family is VERY close and I love it.   My dad is the best!  He has worked so hard to allow my family to live very comfortably.   I think my dad and I are very  much a like in so many ways.  I love how I can joke with him so much....we both have an amazing sense of humor.   My mom is the sweetest lady ever.  She puts sprinkles on brownies and stickers on everything.  I hope to be as good of mother.....she's definitely created a model to look up to.  One random family fact - I have a weekend ritual of going to costco with my parents so we can eat lunch and have free samples!  With college, it's a bit hard to do it every weekend but this Sunday my parents visited me so it was possible!    They always lend me support when I need it, along with guidance.   Good job mom and dad!  You've definitely raised me well.  If you're reading this, which i KNOW you are sometime soon,  I love you!

My brother, David, is 24.  He is an amazing big brother and he is so smart.  I really value what he has to say about things and I'm so happy to be able to have a brother I can talk to.   It's nice that we're at the age where we can easily hang out and do similar things.   This last Halloween I went to a party with him and his friends.  Fun times indeed :) Slightly random, but I can't wait till i turn 21 and I can legally have a drink with him at a restaurant.  It will be even more funt times...especially when it's with the whole family!  Love you David!  

I have a cat named Emily.    Our family just lost our long haired chihuahua Chico.  He was an amazing pet!  I will try to post a picture of him....I still need to figure out to do that...   

I have a best friend from first grade...Hillary Feeney.    She goes to Chico State up north and although we don't talk nearly as much as we'd like, whenever we are together it feels like we never left each other for school.   I feel so blessed to a wonderful friend who has stuck with me for the past 14 years....  wow that makes me feel old!    


School-wise, I'm attending UC Irvine and I'm a 3rd year already.  Time seriously flys by so much faster in college compared to high school.   I can't believe that next year is my last year.   I'm definitely trying to live up every moment here.   Irvine is definitely a nice place to go to school.   We are right next to the beach (which i never visit of course)  and we are surrounded by Fashion Island, Irvine Spectrum, and South Coast Plaza.  Great places for a girl who loves to go trying on clothes for fun when she's bored  (*cough* myself *cough*)

I'm in a sorority - Gamma Phi Beta.   I knew I wanted to join a sorority when I was a senior in high school and I went to a musical show that was put on by the UC irvine Greek Community.  Hillary's older sister, Shannon (who is in Alpha Phi at UCI), invited me to come see because I LOVE to dance/sing/perform.   My dream was to be in that show one day.   MY DREAM CAME TRUE....TWICE!   I've performed on behalf of my sorority the past two years.   This year I chose not to participate because I'm really trying to focus on what I'm doing after college.   I've met really great girls through Gamma Phi Beta and I'm so happy to call them my sisters....Lauren Landre, Sonia Randhawa (my big sis), Jana Schrieber, my little sisses Nicole and Erica (so many more - I can't name every single one...) I know that I will be in touch with a handful of them WAY after I graduate.   

Relationship-wise, I do have a boyfriend.  His name is Michael Rea.  He's the handsome boy in my picture up top :)  We started going out November 23, 2008.   He asked me out the night of his formal for his fraternity.  Such a gentleman he is, truly.  I had met him my first year....but I don't remember how.  We don't really know how we became facebook friends.  Last year I talked with him on the shuttle back to our houses from campus.  We both had classes that got out at the same time.  Never really thought that we'd be going out now....but i DID know that he a very nice person and I would look at his facebook from time to time to see what he was up too.  Not creepy at all....    Then I started going to Rock Harbor Church this past September with one of my sorority sisters.   Michael also attends Rock Harbor and we started going together.  We also became a part of the same campus church group.   We started hanging out a lot more....and here we are today!  I could go on about how great he is...but I'm sure he'll come in future posts and you'll begin to see what I mean :)
                                   This is on the bus to the venue for his forma...before he asked me out!
I mentioned earlier that I go to Rock Harbor (RH) Church.   I was raised in a Catholic family...I went to Sunday school as a child and I took classes for my first communion.   My family goes to church mainly on holidays and whenever we really feel like going.   I decided to go to RH last September really randomly....I didn't really have anyone pressuring me to go.   I had friends talk a lot about it and I was wanting to try new things this year.  I went one Sunday night and I've been every Sunday since then.    The people who I've met at RH are amazing and they have brought so much to my UCI college experience.   Never did I think last year that I would be so involved in church.  I believe that it was God's doing when I decided to go to RH for the first time.   Since then, things just seem to be falling into place.   I'm sure that God has a plan for me and I'm on a journey to see what His plan is.  I find peace knowing that whatever happens is a part of His plan and I'm determined to work hard at any challenge comes my way.   A BIG thank you to God, my boyfriend, and RH friends for helping me grow stronger in my faith.  I love you all!           
I am just so content with where I am right now.   I'm not so stressed out about what I'm doing with my life or how I'm doing in school.  Within the past year, I've learned so much about myself and what is truly important in life.   My first two year of college were all about figuring out these things - I definitely had my fair share of ups and downs.  Things are going very smoothly now and I'm so grateful.  

So that was a pretty intense first blog :)   I need to start studying or something....and Mike is coming to visit me for a lil while! 

 P.S.  I had a mean chicken quesadilla with guacamole from Baja Fresh and cheesecake from the factory today.  I'm fully satisfied :)