Friday, October 2, 2009

The start of my last Fall Quarter of college

I can't believe how different this quarter is compared to all 3 years of college.  I finally feel like I have more to do in Irvine, other than be a student.   The first week of school has been pretty busy with school, work, internship, and recruitment.   I've never had so much to do - but I really love everything that I'm doing.

My classes this quarter don't seem to bad - luckily!   I'm a senior....this is how things should be.  I'm really trying not to stress out about classes this year - just as I did last year.   I tend to do well when I don't stress.    My new way of thinking is, if I love what I'm doing right now, then that's all that matter :)   

Here is a picture of my life at the moment -

Of course I have school...only taking three classes though!   Sports Psych, Adolescent Development, and Management Science.   I have 8am classes Monday through Thursday, which sounds scary.  But I'm really handling it well :)    I love being able to be out of class pretty early.   
As for my internship, I started interning for the Development Department at Pretend City Children's Museum in Irvine.   This museum, if you've never heard of it, is definitely a site to see.  If you have children, I highly recommend you take your children at least once.   What is it? Basically, it's a city for children!   Children are able to take part in real life responsibilities like working in a doctor's office, being a fireman, being a farmer, working in a grocery store.   I have so much fun just seeing the children play and imagine in this museum.   It's great because the children come with grown ups - either their parents or other caretakers.  Everyone is required to pretend and have fun!   Who wouldn't love to just stop and take time to play? I'm definitely planning to become a member of the museum with my future children.  Anyways, I absolutely love my internship.  I'm learning so much about what goes on in the areas of Public Relations and Development for non-profit organizations.   Everyone I work with is so nice as well.  I feel so lucky to work in such a warm and fun environment :)   

As for work, I just began this Monday! I'm working for the event's and programs department for the UCI Alumni Association.  Again, the people I'm working with are so fun and nice.   I love going to work after class at 8am.  

It's such a different feeling having work on top of school - especially work that relates to what I want to do in the future.    I really hope I can find a job after I graduate that is similar to what I'm doing for Pretend City and the Alumni Association.  I love seeing what goes into the  coordination of events and programs for organizations.    Everyone that I've met that does work in that area are so bubbly and energetic - yet they are very conscious of organization, time constraints, and details.   That's so me!   

I'm so happy I've finally found something that I enjoy to do - hopefully I can find a job doing what I like.   Right now, I have a feeling I'll have to apply for any time of job when I graduate.   That's totally fine for me though.  I'd be happy with a clerical job for a while - something that gives me money and health insurance basically.      But now I have aspirations and goals!

Life is going by super quickly - and I know it's not going to stop.  I'm really trying to slow down when I can and just relax.   My family is doing great, and I miss not being able to go home to see them as much as before.  They are so understanding of how busy I am, and I'm so happy to have such supportive parents that really encourage me to do what I love to do.  While they would love me to come home whenever I can, they understand that right now it's not too easy.   Michael is being a great boyfriend too!  We are both super busy and we don't see each other as much nearly as much as we used to.   It was this time last year when we started seeing each precious I know hehehe   I just admire all the hard work he's doing in school and outside of school.    Yes... you could say I'm a proud girlfriend.    I'd say nothing less :)

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