Thursday, June 11, 2009


So my 3rd year of college is over!  And I just had an interview for an Event and Programs Assistant position with the UCI Alumni Association....  and I'm crossing my fingers that I get it.  It would be such great experience in the area of event management and planning.....and lots of fun!   I feel like the interview went really we shall see!  Whatever happens, happens.... right? 

This year went by so fast it's ridiculous.  But it's definitely been the best year for me at UCI thus far.  I'm hoping next year will be even better, if that's even possible. Anyways,  I should be packing up stuff right now, but there's just way too much of it and it scares me just thinking about moving it all into my parent's car tomorrow.  

This weekend is going to be CRAZY.  Tomorrow my parents are taking most of my stuff home, then at night I'm going to David's band performance in Costa Mesa, on Saturday I'm supposed to check out of my room, Saturday night I'm going to Breesa's Grad party (so I have to decide if I'm going home in the  morning and coming BACK to Irvine at night), and then Sunday (early) I'm going to meet up with Michael and we're going to go visit his sister Christine in Valley Center!  She's going to have a baby girl and she's due in August.... I can't wait to meet her!  I also love visiting Valley Center.  Valley Center is in San Diego County and it's SO SO different from Yorba Linda.  I feel like in a completely different state when I'm feels very country to me (i hope that doesn't offend anyone.....) .  i think that's why I love it so much!  I absolutely love the feeling of the slower me crazy ;)

This summer is going to be good. I can feel it :)  I don't really have many set plans yet besides Miami in a few weeks with the fam and summer school, but have a feeling I'm going to keep myself pretty busy.  I'm hoping to volunteer/intern at the CHOC Foundation a few hours a week, so hopefully that happens.  Patrice, the Director of Special Events/Corporate Relations of the CHOC Foundation, has been such a big help in trying to find me work with her.   I'm so happy that I met her though my management class this past Fall Quarter - definitely best class ever.  I learned so much about what I want to do with my life in that one class.  Doctor Terry Schmidt (the teacher) should really be recognized for making the class one of the most interesting classes at UCI.  I'm happy I was the 1 student out of a total of 22 that could take the class this year! what are my plans for the next 2 months?
  • Clean my room
  • Get rid of all the things I don't use anymore (it's way too much stuff)
  • Bake in my new cupcake apron that my little sis Erica made me
  • Have a successful garage sale with cupcakes and coffee.  It'll be the nicest garage sale ever.
  • Volunteer with the CHOC Foundation
  • Paint my room
  • Give my room an extreme makeover.
  • Go running every day (I will not accept any weight gain this summer)
  • Possible Vegas trip?  yay for being 21!
  • Find a part time job.... who wants to hire someone for 2 months?  
  • Hang out with my girls.
  • Spend time with Michael (despite the fact that I'm not living in irvine for the summer...only downside)
  • Tan at the East Lake pool.  Not too much tho.  I say no to melaNOma.
  • Read.
  • Continue to go to Rock Harbor every Sunday (9am ... right Michael??)
  • Be crafty.
  • Brainstorm stay-at-home businesses that I could start up when all grown up..cuz I still consider myself a child. 

  • BLOG frequently.
  • Go to a few dance classes.
  • Continue line dancing.....get Michael to come with me, so he can be my two-step partner :)
  • Try out pilates/yoga
  • Find out ways to get closer to my event coordination dream :)
  • Oh...did I mention bake?
Here is a little recap of what I've been up to the past year:
I got a new little sis in Gamma Phi Beta!
The Big sis (ME!) and both of my amazing Little Sisses! 
The entire Muppet Family eating dinner at CPK! We got a free birthday surprise because I made a joke that it was my Big Sis' birthday and the waiter thought I was telling the truth.

Found the most amazing boy ever.....
This picture was taken the night he asked me out!
Masquerade 11/23/09

This picture was taken exactly 6 months after!
Vegas Formal 2009   5/23/09
Found a wonderful church community at Rock Harbor!

Chico (the family long haired chihuahua) passed away :(
He absolutely loved being a jokester.

We miss him dearly!! xoxoxox
I planned a pretty large event for my sorority - Parent's Day!
So many parents!
Just packing all the parents inside our happy home!
The Gamma Phi Beta information table .... designed by myself. of course :)
Toby and Dozer entered the Toyos Family household....

Mom, Dad, David, and I went to Coachella

Went to Vegas!

Turned 21!


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